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Be Honest About Your Health

When shopping for life insurance, be honest about your health and any conditions you have. Don’t waste your time by tiptoeing around the topic, because if this specific company will not offer you coverage, there are others that will. Just because your got turned down by one carrier, it doesn’t mean that you will not…

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Time to Think

Insurance experts at Protective share that there is a thing called a look period that you should be aware of. It means that after your policy starts, you usually have a time to make changes to it or even cancel it. Ask your agent about that period, and specifically when it starts and ends. It…

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No Exam Life Insurance

Life Insurance agents often times recommend to go for a policy that includes a doctor's visit prior. The no-exam policies are much pricier, and unless you have major health issues or a serious diagnosis, it is a good idea to get a medical check up. Whether you are younger or older, doing so can still…

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Smart Move for Millennials

For millennials, buying life insurance is a very smart call. Buying now will be also cost effective because when you are young and healthy it costs less. Also, if the unexpected happens. your family will have help to pay for  student loan debt or a mortgage in your absence. Another thing to consider is a  long-term…

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Making Life Choices

When you are the one choosing a life insurance policy you can make all the decisions, unlike when you get insured by your employer. If you go to the agent who worked with you on your homeowners insurance or auto insurance, you will also usially get a great offer. If you already have a company…

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Advantages of a Group Policy

Often times, employees have life insurance automatically from their employer, or from a union or trade association. Having a group policy has a few advantages, comparing to an individual life insurance policy. First, you can get a lower rate for a given death benefit. That happens because the rates are averages weighted by people younger than you…

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